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 I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy and understand that we all have a unique set of circumstances that lead us to seek support I take an integrative approach and pull from various evidence based practices such as person centre therapy,CBT . There are often times when maladaptive beliefs inform our current thinking and behaviour we can look at this together and unpack why we do what we do to make sense .I support clients in what needs they are trying to get met and we can work together to undertsand  and support . 

Individual Counselling

Our Mental health affects  all areas of our life from relationships  to work and how we feel about ourselves and there are often times in our lives when we experience pain or struggles that are  too great to figure out on our own .I will work with you in the way that best suits your needs and the issues you may  present with.  

ADHD Support
& Counselling

The experience of growing up with ADHD, particularly if undiagnosed, can influence our thinking and beliefs, therefore impact our coping skills. Our thoughts play a significant role in how we view ourselves and our self-esteem.

Counselling /Psychotherapy  for ADHD, with an experienced therapist with knowledge on the subject may assist in recognising the unpleasant emotions commonly experienced by those with ADHD and unpack their often-negative view of themselves.

ADHD Courses

ADHD 8-week online evidence-based programme is specifically adapted for adults with ADHD. The 8-week course aims to illustrate to participants that Positive change is possible and understanding your own ADHD is key in developing coping skills.

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