Podcast-What’s the story with ADHD Jane

I was asked to do a Podcast about ADHD. I agreed with the view that if it helps one person feel a little better about themselves well then It was worth doing. I thought I had it covered ,done and dusted as I have worked through the issues to be discussed and all sorted in that area! (the first lesson to be learnt there!)

Well I was wrong… I learned uncomfortable feelings may be triggered when I feel scared or taking a risk doing something new. I felt exposed and vulnerable. I wrestled with my deep old rooted feelings of Shame, judgement, seeking approval and feelings of not feeling good enough.

But I got through it, instead of avoiding those uncomfortable feelings like I would normally would, I felt them. I notice I feel a little lighter, I feel less Shame and dare I say it I feel a  little bit of pride! (second lesson)

Was it perfect? Not a bit. Did I say everything I wanted to say? No half! Was I nervous? Terrified!

But I was me.

Accepting that I am me with all of the above. I am perfect and I have imperfections.

If you take a listen I hope you enjoy it , if you don’t ,I’m beginning to realise that I am ok with that too. Approval is not so important and I’m learning to validate myself . I AM  ENOUGH